Become A Member

Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) established in 1962, is a membership-based voluntary national Fellowship composed of church denominations, Para church bodies, Christian organizations and individuals adhering to the common beliefs attributed to evangelical and Pentecostal Christian orthodoxy. Evangelicals join in fellowship to proclaim and demonstrate the Whole Gospel of the Kingdom of God saving the soul, body and spirit. This is done through facilitating fellowship and ministry of member bodies, ministering to the nation and providing humanitarian, relief, advocacy, counsel, peace building, development services, women and youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. EFZ has a membership of over 900 members and is active in all 10 Provinces of the Country.


Objectives of Membership

  1. To propagate and disseminate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by whatever moral and legal means available. 

  2. To empower and mobilize member bodies in their different wholistic ministries through the following commissions:
    1. Humanitarian, Relief and Development Commission 

    2. Ministry Development Commission 

    3. Peace and Justice Commission 

    4. Gender Development Commission 

    5. Research and Development Commission 

  3. To provide for spiritual fellowship among evangelical Christians as a means of united action in promoting Bible teaching, prayer and evangelical ministries in accordance with the evangelical faith outlined in the Fellowship Statement of Faith directed toward the perfecting of individual members, the edification and renewal of the church of Jesus Christ, and salvation of lost souls. 

  4. To work together with a view to awakening Christian people to the dangers of unbiblical trends and that form of ecumenicity which is achieved at the expense of vital Christian truth. 

  5. To facilitate the operation of programmes and/or institutions such as seminars, conferences, training programmes, financial programmes and interest networks


Benefits of Being a Member

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe provides the following services to its members derived from her vision, mission, values and objectives:

  • Safeguarding the freedoms of worship
  • A united Evangelical voice and platform for engagement with key stakeholders
  • Coordinating national dialogues and engagements
  • A platform for mobilization for gospel proclamation
  • A platform for empowering members around the 5 Commissions
  • A platform for networking Churches and Leaders
  • An accountability and self regulatory mechanism
  • Conflict resolution and mediation support
  • Public endorsements recognized by State and Government Agencies
  • Organizational development support
  • Capacity development services
  • Church empowerment for the Great Commission
  • Link with the regional and international ecumenical groups and networks
  • Establishing partnerships with members in ministry activities
  • Representation of the collective body of members at the international level


To begin the process of becoming a member, please download and fill in the membership form below together with the constitution. When done, please send the form to .