The Church’s Footprint in Celebrating and Empowering Women

March is the special month of women, where we globally celebrate the international women’s day. Through its gender arm, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe has s taken an active role in complementing initiatives towards women empowerment in all aspects of life for a sustainable tomorrow. This year’s celebrations were guided by the theme: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” EFZ is geared towards molding a self-branded woman who has a character that pleases God one who stands as a pillar to support her fellow women and one who shuns the pull her down syndrome. Following intensive campaigns on social media platforms, EFZ held a grand seminar to ice the cake. Over a hundred women graced the occasion at the Harare Harvest House International Church. The occasion presented a platform for women to reflect on the journey towards women ministry and development in Zimbabwe from post-Independence to date, navigating through the successes, challenges and future prospects that could be used as stepping stones by other young women. The seminar also unpacked issues of equal opportunities, basic rights and other fundamental freedoms. The EFZ women have pledged their commitment to provide mentorship opportunities for young women who are on the verge of entering ministry development and this will be done through provision appropriate skills and experience