Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Mutare

Farmers from Buhera, Dora, Mutsongi, Karikiriki and Zindoga had the opportunity to be trained on sustainable agriculture through the ‘Equipping the church and community for transformative development’ project.

The project seeks to equip smallholder farmers with key knowledge on sustainable livelihoods, and create resilience among farmers in the face of climate change. These poor smallholder farmers bear the brunt of the effects of climate change and have little knowledge, infrastructure and other supporting mechanisms for adaptation.

We appreciate the continuous support we receive on agriculture, this greatly improve our livelihoods. I appreciate that we are learning on concepts like gender and environmental management which we had never thought of as we do our agriculture

Through collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the AGRITEX officer facilitated the training and through praxis delivered lessons on sustainability, conservation, gender and environment, and mitigatory measures on soil and water conservation. Many of these farmers professed ignorance on sustainable agricultural methods though they used some without full knowledge. The training was able to increase their knowledge on sustainable agriculture and their skills on soil and water conservation.