Self-Help Group Beneficiary Member Story

A testimony by a Widow, Sabina Ngundu, from Buhera. She narrates how the SHG has helped her to increase the output of her garden project.

“My name is Sabina Ngundu and I live in Buhera. When my husband died, I started suffering and could not meet my daily needs. I am staying with my 5 grandchildren who are orphans. The last cow that we had as a family was the one that was slaughtered on the day of my husband's memorial service.

I was left with nothing and I struggled to feed my children and grandchildren. Since I had joined a Self-Help Group before my husband's death, I had never felt the need to borrow except to be a member of a group. Now after his death, I decided it was my only way out. I then borrowed money from the group and bought some seeds to plant in the garden as well as a chicken.

From the one chicken which I bought; I now have many chickens. I used to fail to attend our church conferences due to lack of money but now because of the money that I am getting from the Self-Help Group, I am able to fund my expenses for the conferences. Since the schools are now about to resume, I have already saved the school fees for my children, something that had become difficult to do since becoming a widow.

The SHG has helped me to increase my garden project where I am now selling vegetables to the surrounding villages. I am also doing a chicken rearing project and my income has improved in a big way as a result of the SHG.”