The Tamuka Self Help Group- Empowering Rural Women

The Tamuka Self Help Group is based in Dora, Mutare rural district in Manicaland. It is situated in Gutukunhuhwa village and has a membership of 17 women from 17 households. Through their weekly savings the group currently has USD65 in its coffers.

As paltry as this figure may sound to most people, this has been a huge achievement for the members who lead poor households with no secure source of income. Members are taking loans from the group savings to start income-generating projects. Currently, start-ups that have been supported by the SHG include making floor polish, drinks making, and poultry rearing. These projects have become pivotal in contributing to household income for everyday needs. Through these different initiatives, they have raised small profits that they are using to meet their domestic needs. Now, 41% of the members are now affording 3 meals a day, which they could not afford to do before joining the SHG.