Strengthen EFZ member bodies’ advocacy capacity to promote peace, democracy and good governance in Zimbabwe

Key result areas

  • peace building and conflict resolution
  • good governance and social integration
  • Election observation and monitoring

Key achievements

  • EFZ participation in the production of the renowned Zimbabwe We Want National Vision Discussion Document which pronounces the desired national values of Zimbabwe
  • EFZ mobilized communities across the country for effective participation of the church in the constitutional reform process. Additionally, in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denomination (ZHOCD) EFZ played a pivotal role in the development and submission of a church position, informing the contents of the constitution.  
  • EFZ has been working within the framework of the Church and Civil Society Forum (CCSF), which coordinates the efforts for both Civil Society and the Church towards national healing and peace building.
  • In collaboration with the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), EFZ has effectively observed and monitored the harmonized presidential and parliamentary elections.  The fellowship seconded 500 observers and monitors to track the pre and post polling process
  • EFZ continues to contribute to the discourse on transitional justice through the National Working Group on Transitional Justice (NWGTJ) as it sets out principles and develops draft policies on transitional justice in Zimbabwe
  • Together with our collaborative partners, EFZ has established functional peace monitors across the country who serve as an early warning mechanism to mitigate instances of violence
  • The PJC has successfully established community dialogue and interface platforms that are led by the church, between communities and local authorities to interrogate community development issues collaboratively work towards the delivery of basic social services.

Future programs

  • Conduct policy researches and evaluations to create a knowledge base for the organisation and inform national advocacy initiates
  • The operationalization of an EFZ Election Monitoring and Observation Unit in order to strengthen the church’s oversight in the delivery of elections in Zimbabwe
  • Establish links with regional church representative bodies such as the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) and the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (FOCCISA) to learn the current trends in peace and justice at regional level and possibly learn advocacy strategies that have been successful elsewhere


Participants holding up their copies of the constitution during a Constitutional Literacy workshop