Preserving the Future: Caring for the Mother

Micah Challenge is a call for and by world leaders to biblically commit themselves as followers of Jesus to work together for the holistic transformation of our communities to pursue justice, be passionate about kindness and to walk humbly with God. Against this background, Micah Challenge Zimbabwe (MCZ) harnesses Christians and churches who desire to be identified with Micah 6 vs. 8 in campaigning for social justice.  Micah Challenge Zimbabwe currently have established a project in Epworth, where it is advocating for  increased access to effective maternal health services in Epworth through strengthening the local communities  and churches in raising issues on maternal health.


National Day of Prayer

The Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations held a National Day of prayer on the 13th of October 2012. Approximately 1 800 Christians from the four Umbrella Church Bodies namely; Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Union for the Development of the Apostolic churches in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe gathered at the Harare Gardens from 1000hrs to 1400hrs for the sole reason to pray for God’s intervention in the nation of Zimbabwe.


Learning Centre for Peace – Mutoko, Kawere Ward

Having worked with local communities for over eighteen months, with a bias towards developing their capacities in conflict mediation and resolution to promote local healing and cohesion, it was critical to create a platform for sharing lessons learned through different methodologies.

This particular event was characterised by drama displays of common conflicts in the villages, their effects on ordinary people, role played by community leaders and political parties in fermenting the conflict and how these can be avoided or resolved peacefully.


Faith in Action

Assemblies of God (AOG) Epworth are a Pentecostal church located at Chiremba Shopping Centre and has demonstrated that they have fully comprehended the concept of Integral Mission. Assemblies of God Epworth have achieved so much under the Church Empowerment Programme. The church established a group known as “LITE of Hope”, this group is into proffering counselling to prostitutes, thieves and victims of sexually and gender based violence. The group counsels an average of 10 clients per month and the programme is gaining popularity within the Epworth. The church established a support group known as “Pagungano” which is responsible for disseminating HIV and AIDS information in the church and community and currently has over 35 members from both the church and community.


Education Assistance Program (EAP)

The program aims to increase access to education to orphans and vulnerable children in St. Marys, Chitongwiza. The oranisation works with the schools, caregivers and EFZ pastors who are in Chitungwiza to identify the needy children. The method of payment is block grants as the organization directs the funds to the sponsorship of a project of the school fees for the children. The organization has so far embarked on projects like text book purchasing, purchasing of furniture, building projects and water projects where the organization drilled boreholes for some of the schools.