The Zimbabwe We Want

by / Friday, 10 June 2016 / Published in News and Events

As the Church, we have a vision for a different Zimbabwe to the one we experience now. This vision was produced and published in October 2006 after nationwide consultations. 10 years later, the vision is even more compelling. We hereby call for urgent action for this vision to be realised.

  1. A sovereign, Inviolable and unitary member state of the international community; Government to build bridges with the international community by addressing violations and Bi-Lateral Agreements and issues such as ZIDERA
  2. A nation that is democratic and characterized by good governance as reflected in all its structures, Institutions and operations at all levels;
    Parliament to re-align the laws to the Constitution in particular addressing the death penalty, the Children’s Act, POSA and AIPPA
  3. A nation united in its diversity, free, tolerant, peaceful, and prosperous;
    Action taken by the Executive to improve the economy, reduce poverty, reduce, repay and restructure debt, increase the capacity to borrow and support the informal sector Political leadership, the media and church leaders to promote and pursue harmony and tolerance through their language and actions
  4. A nation that respects the rights of all its citizens regardless of creed, gender, age, race and ethnicity as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
    For Constitutional Commissions to be activated and effectively resourced e.g. the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, the Land Commission and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission
  5. A leadership that puts the interests of the people of Zimbabwe above all personal gains;
    For the Executive to adhere to the rule of law, for the removal of political patronage and factionalism and for leadership renewal across the board
  6. A nation where all citizens enjoy equal protection of the law and have equal opportunity to compete and prosper;
    For the Constitution to be adhered to and be regarded as the supreme law of Zimbabwe and full respect of the Bill of Rights Greater accountability in local service delivery — increased access to information on local service delivery and for improved government responsiveness to citizen requests
  7. Above all a nation that is God-fearing.
    For government, the private sector and churches to take action to address corruption — from refusing to engage in bribery to addressing macro-level corruption and looting of funds
    We believe the need for; (a) a national vision, (b) political tolerance, (c) the Implementation of the Constitution and (d) addressing economic challenge. May God Almighty bless the nation of Zimbabwe and grant us courage to build a Zimbabwe that Is free, tolerant, peaceful,
    prosperous and God fearing.

See Zimbabwe We Want document and Dec 2015 Communique for more details both available at 17

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