President’s Updates

by / Monday, 01 February 2016 / Published in News and Events


In my EFZ Heads of Denominations and Church Leaders inaugural meeting held on the 29th January 2015, I noted some significant challenges which include the threat of Islam and the fear it has caused across the entire globe; the pervasiveness of homosexuality which has evaded our generation’s moral compass besides being an abomination to God; The scourge caused by the human rights movement under the guise of democracy which has moved our generation from God’s sovereignty and will guided by His word, the Bible; and the global instability which has created almost irreconcilable chasm between the rich and the poor causing the current commercialization of the gospel.

The relevance of the Fellowship as a joint platform to provide for spiritual fellowship among evangelical Christians as a means of united action in promoting Bible teaching, prayer and evangelical ministries in accordance with the evangelical faith directed toward the perfecting of individual members, the edification and renewal of the church of Jesus Christ, and salvation of lost souls, can never be over emphasized. The urgency of our mission to mobilize, empower and network Evangelicals for the accomplishment of the Great Commission is a compelling one.

Anchored on our four strategic priority areas (EFZ Strategic plan 2014-2018) which are Membership and member-body empowerment; Organizational capacity and performance of the EFZ; Youth and Women Leadership empowerment and participation; and Nation-Building, the NEC set the following goals:

  • Implementation of the EFZ Code of ethics and conduct was done in April, operationalization is ongoing.
  • Production of a holistic integral module for adoption by EFZ affiliated bible schools and Theological colleges is work in progress.
  • Church planting target with a given criteria targeting establishment of 18 000 churches by 2018. Roll out plan being developed.
  • Given that the EFZ 2014 members’ subscription was 15% of the EFZ salary cost, plan is to grow membership subscription to cover all our salary costs. Fundraising from our affiliates and partners should mainly be for projects and designated overhead costs.
  • Facilitation of election of Women National chairperson and Secretary was done at the 2015 AGM. The two women are not part of the National Executive Committee.
  • Co-option of a non -voting youth representative in the NE will be worked on once the women process is complete.
  • Constitution of the EFZ Advisory Council consisting of Past Presidents, selected Church leaders, Spiritual fathers and women representatives was ratified at the AGM.
  • Issuing of EFZ Quarterly Pastoral letters subsequent to the appointment of the Advisory Council will be done starting 2015.
  • National Leadership engagement will be done pro-actively to focus on issues like the state of the economy; human rights issues; participation of the church in the alignment of the current laws with the new constitution; involvement in lobbying for the operationalization of the NPRC; and church engagement in social development through the provision of education, health and poverty alleviation.
  • Pastors Training and Development through contextualized John Maxwell EQUIP program. Now in the process of establishing a secretariat which will work with the EFZ Secretariat.
  • Discipleship processes. Model to engage with Rick Warren’s purpose driven Church model is being developed.
  • Community Transformation through work of the EFZ Commissions needs financial support from membership in order to scale it up, hence the need to support the EFZ Dollar Per Member Campaign.

Funding and partnerships

I am glad to note that the EFZ is continuing through its secretariat to initiate and nurture funding support partners. The General Secretary will give a bird’s overview of what has been achieved through our partners towards the attainment of the EFZ vision and mission. The secretariat is further engaging potential partners for mutual collaboration, but certainly EFZ as a membership body cannot entirely depend on funding partners for its continuity and sustainability. While the funding partners play a significant role towards supporting the organization’s activities, programs and projects, it remains very unhealthy for the members of the organization to contribute less than 15% of the total salary budget. While we are so thankful to all the EFZ members who have remained faithful to paying their membership dues, it still remains a cause for concern that the majority of the members are not paying their membership dues, thus prejudicing the Fellowship of the much needed revenue to run the organization.

Call for Membership local funding initiative – call to EFZ 2015 Dollar per person campaign!!!

The relevance of the Fellowship is attested to every year as shown by the many new members who are processed for new membership. The need therefore to harness the membership subscriptions is critical. Apart from the membership subscriptions payment dues, EFZ has often traditionally held its $1 per person campaign. Although a few Heads of Denominations have responded positively to this initiative it has proved to make the much needed difference. I wish to call upon every Church to make unprecedented efforts towards the collection of the EFZ dollar per person campaign, and this is only possible when the Heads of Denominations and respective leaders play a leading role in popularizing and mobilizing for the collection of the same. In that regard, I want to thank you all in advance for your support and commitment to your organization.

God bless you

EFZ President

Dr. Shingi Munyeza